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Travel guide to Monaco – Eight Essential Things to Do during your visit to Monaco

This principality of the Côte d’Azur is small but disproportionate and the most populous in the world. It consists of a small strip of coastal land with cliffs and a beach and is also known for the many stars that live and visit there. Monaco is a remarkable example of a state without natural resources and a small estate that has continued to develop into a world-class tourist destination.

1. Prince’s Palace

The Royal Palace was an imposing structure and was originally a 13th-century fortress. In addition to serving as a residence for the Sovereign Prince of Monaco and his family, the palace has many beautifully decorated apartments. Palace tours are scheduled when the prince and his family are not there, and you would like your visit to coincide with the changing of the guard at 11:55 a.m.

2. Exotic Garden

Monaco’s mild climate lends itself to the flowering of the many types of plants in this botanical garden. The Prehistory and Anthropology Museum, with several remains from the region’s pre-Roman and Roman eras, is located in the region. There is also a cave with scheduled tours.

3. Formula 1 Grand Prix

Each May and June, this micro-state host racing cars that race through the narrow streets at lightning speed. The Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix race in Monaco would be the most difficult of the entire circuit. It is also possible to travel the route in low season, but be careful when crossing the street.

4. Prince of Monaco car collection

Oh yes, His Highness is also a passionate car enthusiast. If you are visiting Monaco in the low season, you can always take a look at this immaculate collection of one hundred four-wheel drive. Monaco consists of many beautiful things and people.

5. Oceanographic museum

This cum aquarium museum is located in the Jardins de St-Martin in Monaco-Ville. Built-in 1911, it houses large collections of marine wildlife and related exhibits. A statue outside the cliff building commemorates Prince Albert I, a famous marine scientist.

6. Cathedral of Monaco

Cathedral of Monaco is situated on Avenue Saint-Martin, which also has beautiful gardens. Prince Rainier and Princess Grace were married in this early 20th-century building. The cathedral is also his resting place, and the bones of many members of the Grimaldi family in power also rest there.

7. Port tours

Go out to the lively port of Monaco. You will see passenger ferries and rich and famous yachts attached to the docks or to come or go. You can even see a famous face or two.

8. Shopping

In Monaco, expect to pay the biggest dollar for everything. Some shopping opportunities are the Golden Circle near avenue Monte Carlo and the Fontvieille shopping centre. If you want to get more involved in your shopping, you may want to visit the Condamine Market near Place d’Ames.

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