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Top Hotels in Las Vegas to Consider For Your Next Vacation

Finding the best place to stay in Las Vegas has always been a hot topic. Before you start a Las Vegas vacation, everyone has a question in mind: what are the best Las Vegas hotels to consider? As in general, vacationers like to stay on the Strip so they can get around easily. Hotels on the Strip are in high demand, there are tons of hotels on the Strip. But with little research, you can select the hotel that best suits your Vegas vacation. The following list of Las Vegas hotels has unique features that make them on my list of the best strip hotels.

1. Venetian stations and Palazzo

The Venetian and Palazzo complexes are side by side. The Venetian is on the list of the best hotels in Las Vegas. Palazzo Resorts is a well-known Venetian partner hotel, offering you the opportunity to enjoy some of the Venetian amenities. The total price for a hotel room in Venetian will be higher than in Palazzo. These resorts are full of leisure activities, including a casino, which can keep you busy most of the time.

2. Mandalay Bay Hotel

Mandalay Bay is also a renowned hotel on the Strip. The hotel offers good food, spacious rooms and excellent facilities, including a superb swimming pool. The Mandalay Bay Hotel has Red Square, where visitors can have a drink and relax. Blues fans can watch a House of Blues show at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in minutes.

3. Wynn and Encore

The Wynn and Encore complex and casino is well known as one of the upscale hotels on the Strip. The cost of a hotel room will not be cheap at this luxury hotel, but it is worth having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. At Wynn, each visitor is spoiled with special treatment. The Wynn complex and casino won five diamonds, Forbes five stars, Michelin five stars and Mobil five stars, which placed the hotel in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

4. Bellagio Hotel

Bellagio has been the centre of attraction for everyone. Although it is an expensive hotel, it is always crowded with visitors. Room rates vary by location. Usually, fountain showrooms are more expensive than other rooms. Overall, the Bellagio Hotel is expensive when it comes to food and gambling. Budget-bound vacationers can have fun at this money-burning Strip hotel.

5. Monte Carlo Hotel

Monte Carlo is the best choice for families with children. The hotel offers superb practice facilities as well as spacious rooms. Monte Carlo is a great option for staying in Las Vegas with kids if you want to avoid Circus Circus. The hotel also offers an on-site spa. Overall, Monte Carlo is one of the mid-range hotels on the Strip.

6. Paris Las Vegas

The Paris hotel is in the middle of the Strip. The hotel offers beautiful spacious Premium rooms and good food. If you are looking for a nice swimming pool, Paris is not the right choice. A small swimming pool is located at the top of the hotel.

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