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The Top Must-See Sights While Staying in Amsterdam

If you plan to book a city hotel in Amsterdam, you will miss a lot if you do not take the time to absorb the vibrant culture of the city. If you are short on time, be sure to take the time to explore these major attractions in the city.

The State Museum (also known as the Rijksmuseum)

This should be the first stop for any art lover who has booked a hotel in the city of Amsterdam. Works by Rembrandt, Vermeer, Steen and van Dyck adorn the halls of the museum, as well as a large collection of sculptures, engravings, photos and drawings that emphasize classic Dutch culture. The museum itself is a work of beauty, with its neo-renaissance style inlaid with neo-gothic forms and decorations to offer a beautiful contrast in the art that goes very well together.

Van Gogh Museum

If you are not tired of the art of the Rijksmuseum, visit the Van Gogh Museum, also in the city centre. Take a walk and take the time to absorb all the great works of the famous artist. The museum presents pieces that reflect the colourful but tumultuous life of Van Gogh, from his first works of peasant life and still images to later works made when he was free from his periods of depression and hallucinations. If you want to know one of the artists in history who has left a lasting legacy, the Van Gogh museum is a must.

Albert Cuyp Market

You might think that visiting a bustling open-air market might be the last thing you want to do – especially if you’re in a luxury hotel in Amsterdam – but then again, the Albert Cuypmarkt is like no other market you could see. This particular market is the busiest market in Europe – if not the whole world. Over 300 stalls sell a variety of products, from clothing and accessories to exotic spices and delicious cheeses. Once you’ve done your shopping, relax in one of the many cafes along with the market before returning to your Amsterdam city hall to inspect your purchases.

Red Light District (also known as Rosseburt)

Last but not least is the famous Red Light District – one of the city’s iconic tourist attractions. The Roseburg is the symbolic heart of the liberal nature of the city and celebrates everything related to sexuality. This celebration is reinforced by the presence not only of brothels and adult product stores but also of museums that seek to highlight the mysterious role of sex in human culture. So while there are many stores to satisfy your curiosity, there are also many centres that will deepen your understanding – making Rosseburt much more than your average red light district.

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