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Study Abroad, Unique Reasons Why New Zealand is the Best Option

How much does it cost to study in New Zealand? If you are interested in studying in New Zealand, one of the most important things to consider is the cost of everything. This basic guide distributes the cost of every aspect of college life to ensure everything is covered.

Tuition fees

There are eight major universities in New Zealand, all of which determine their tuition fees, which will vary according to subject and level of study. However, the New Zealand government confirmed its plans to cancel tuition fees from 2018 for one year of study and increase to three years of study from 2024.

Most international students are expected to pay more than domestic students, although international students may be exempt from paying fees for international students in some cases – for example when students are enrolled in PhD degrees. Programs.

Accommodation costs

There are many options for renting during the study period in New Zealand. You can live in student halls ($ 200 or £ 105 per week, on average), shared apartment ($ 120 / £ 63 per week), or a private apartment ($ 180 / £ 94 per week).

2017 estimates for renting a room in a three-person apartment are $ 202 (£ 106) per week in Auckland, $ 127 (£ 67) in Hamilton, $ 170 (£ 89) in Wellington, and $ 132 (£ 69) £) in Christchurch and $ 147 (£ 77) in Dunedin. So to live in Auckland (the most expensive university town), students must set aside a budget to spend $ 8,080 (£ 4,241) on annual rent (based on a 40-week contract) which will be $ 24,240 (£ 12,725) ) Through the entire three-year Bachelor’s degree.


The typical New Zealand student’s weekly store costs $ 80 (£ 42) and an average restaurant meal is $ 18 (£ 9.45). Beer at the bar costs $ 8 (£ 4.20) and a glass of wine is $ 7 (£ 3.67).

A movie ticket will cost $ 16 (£ 8.40) and a monthly gym membership fee of $ 55.80 (£ 30). In 2017, Big Mac was priced at $ 6.10 (£ 3.20). In Auckland, New Zealand’s largest metropolitan area, a mid-range dinner for two, a bottle of wine, movie tickets and a five-mile taxi ride to the home costs $ 152 (£ 80).

What financial support is available

Unfortunately, there are few scholarships available for international students studying in New Zealand.

Scholarships are awarded by the government of New Zealand. There is a useful search tool on Education New Zealand, from which you can search for a scholarship according to your subject and level of study.

However, full-time students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week, but it is important to check your visa conditions, and visa authorities may need to call if you choose to work. New Zealand’s minimum wage is $ 13 (£ 6.30 an hour).

A popular choice for student discounts is $ 20 (£ 10.50) StudentCard, which offers more deals than any other card. There are discounts on clothes, travel, food, drinks and entertainment. Air New Zealand also offers students a discount on airline tickets.

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