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Living In Australia – Five Things You Should Know As A Migrant Before You Go

Australians may not be surprised that they are home to four out of ten livable cities in the world. After all, they are known for their outdoor lifestyle. Melbourne moved Vienna to second place, Sydney ranked seventh, and Perth and Adelaide tied for eighth. If you plan to live in Australia within a year, continue reading five things you should know as a migrant before you leave.

Spied on by the Economic Intelligence Unit, 140 cities around the world have been examined for: living conditions, health, education, culture, environment, protection and stability. No wonder people are eager to live and work there! Sure, you can fly if you want, but here are five things you should know as an immigrant before you live in Australia:

1) Health.

The comprehensive healthcare system in Australia is provided by the Australian government’ Medicare’. Medicare provides treatment by doctors, doctors, and general hospitals. Three groups of immigrants who live in Australia have access to medical care:

* Permanent residents

* Those whose permanent residence requests are processed

* Citizens from countries that have entered into mutual sponsorship agreements with Australia. These include Great Britain, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Ireland. Italy and Malta only receive six months of care. Other immigrants must pay for treatment.

2) Schools.

As an immigrant living in Australia, finding the right school for your children is your top priority. The United Nations Human Development Index ranked the Australian education system among the best in the world. School year from January to December, so check myschool.edu.au for more information.

3) Houses.

Use online forums to find the area you want to live in before purchasing a home. Go to realestate.com or gumtree.com. If you are an immigrant living in Australia with a temporary visa, you must obtain permission from the Foreign Investment Review Board before purchasing a home.

4) Pets.

Living in Australia does not mean that you must separate from your pet. You just need to meet the Australian Quarantine and Inspection requirements and work around a 30-day quarantine in Sydney, Melbourne, or Perth. All cats and dogs should be small chips.

5) Verbal goods.

Immigrants who live in Australia on a temporary visa may find it cheaper to buy new or used furniture “there” than to pay to move their loved ones around the world. Check out ozrecycle.com for great deals. Those who need to send their goods may want to search online forums for the opinions and ratings of shipping companies before settling into a business.

If living in Australia is still an unrealized dream because you couldn’t find a job, we might be able to help. JobContinental has partnered with an Australian recruitment agency that worked hard to earn significant contracts. They have thousands of jobs available as well as providing government-sponsored immigration officers to support the visa process for successful applicants. Check with us to see if we can match your skills with their jobs. I hope my review of life in Australia – 5 things you should know as a useful immigrant.

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