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The most expensive city in Europe is Geneva (ranked 3rd in the world), with a cost of living index (COLI) of 124.49 (New York = 100), mainly due to its relatively significant damage in most the exceptions being alcohol and tobacco (international rank 194), education (167 worldwide) and communication (108 worldwide). Also contributing to the high cost of living, the Swiss franc has strengthened by 8% in the past year and by 16% in the past two years.

Geneva is followed by Oslo, with a rank of 5 in the world, closely followed by Zurich in 6th place worldwide. Oslo has a COLI of 122.05 (New York = 100). The Norwegian krone has strengthened by 16% against the euro in the past year. Oslo is the most expensive city in the world for transport and the second most costly for alcohol and tobacco. Oslo is also very expensive for groceries as well as for restaurants, restaurant meals, and hotels (ranked 5th in the world).

Copenhagen (number 7 internationally) is the fourth most expensive city in Europe and the second most expensive in the world for groceries.

Moscow is ranked 9th in the world after falling in the cost of living ranking in recent years, going up to the 6th most expensive place in Europe. The Russian ruble has strengthened by 14% against the euro over the past year.

The cheapest city in Europe is Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ranked 253rd in the world) with a COLI of 64.72 (New York = 100).

The most expensive cities in Europe (world ranking in brackets)

1. Switzerland, Geneva (3)

2. Norway, Oslo (5)

3. Switzerland, Zurich (6)

4. Denmark, Copenhagen (7)

5. Liechtenstein, Vaduz (8)

6. Russia, Moscow (9)

7. France, Paris (10)

8. Monaco, Monaco (12)

9. The United Kingdom, London (14)

10. Austria, Vienna (16)

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